Since 2011, the company has developed its know-how in packaging high quality wines in aluminium cans. This technology has been perfected thanks to input from wine experts. The factory is certified IFS Grade A.

In Can We Trust- ICT drinks is an independent, family-run company, established on a site of 9000 sq.m, which today manufactures glass bottles and aluminium cans. The factory is at the cutting edge in terms of quality and traceability.

As well as its IFS certification (International Food Standard, based on the ISO 9001 standard and the HACCP system), In Can We Trust is also certified to package wines and drinks made according to the principles of Organic Agriculture.

sq.m production & storage

million units per year


production of wine and whisky in cans

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The company is involved in a voluntary approach to "Corporate Social Responsibility". As such, it guarantees its customers the quality of the products manufactured through the reliability and efficiency of its operations. In this context, we are committed to meeting all the regulatory requirements linked to our customers' specifications.


A family-run company which, since 1954, owes its success to its values and the commitments that it has made to its staff and to producers and consumers via:

  • A Food Safety Culture to ensure that all staff members are aware of what is required to make safe and top quality products.
  • Sorting and recycling of all the waste from the packaging used to manufacture the products.
  • Reuse of the water consumed to manufacture the products and clean the production equipment.
  • Use of green energies.
  • The possibility of recycling cans infinitely.